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LEMFO V7K Kids Smart Watch


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SKU: LM01WJF11804260001

LEMFO V7K Kids Smart Watch MTK2503 GPS Touch Screen Deep Waterproof Google Map SOS Button Watch For Child GPS Locator



Global positioning and high  speed processing system;

High speed processor   MTK2503CPU Fast operating speed 30% CPU speed so fast Sensitive reaction;

Safeting monitor     Built in safety monitoring function to under stand the situation at any time;    

Cameral   Retain the wonderful moments;

Waterproof   Wash water, raing day, water spary, exercise sweating, daily water;

Learning APP   Tang poetry, song, story telling, English teaching, Literacy cards, AR, Children's songs, Picture books and so on lenrning function;

AR interaction:   Swept away, three-dimensional image vividly on the watch! Cool 3D world, come together to explore it! Mobile phone side to download the corresponding AR after the mobile phone APP sweep sweep, Animals jump out 4D scene active in front of the child full of excitement Hair child imagination!


Voice intercom: Powerful cloud service support, chat with the same micro-experience, so chatting relaxed and happy.

Group chat: APP-sIde can build a group, classmates, friends group so that communication barrier. 

Text chat: Watch support to receive text messages, inconvenient voice, hurry to send information to him. 

Fun expression:   Watches and mobile phones to support a rich expression of communication, so you chat Interesting and lively.

Weather forcast.

As the saying goes, rasing chidren from the baby grabbed the child's habits and customs will effect the child's life. Get used to helping your child develop better habits.

IPS Full view HD eye:   protection display screen   Blowout prevention Scratch resistant.      Fall prevention waterproof dustproof   High resolution 240 x      240


1: five re-positioning GPS + Beidou + base station + LBS + AGPS, positioning more accurate;

2: positioning watches common features : real-time precision positioning, SIM card calls, family telephone anti-harassment, voice intercom, electronic fence, movement step.

3: comes with WeChat, free access to the Internet; with 2 million cameras, support TF card expansion, guardian camera monitoring watch the surrounding environment;
4: open waterproof design, the baby no longer have to worry about water;( Don't wear the clock when you are swimming or diving for .)
5: 1.54 inch tempered glass capacitive screen, full fit IPS display, anti-burst, anti-drop scratch, waterproof, dustproof, 240 * 240 resolution;
6: metal body strap, the use of CNC high-precision processing technology, the shell surface material imported paint process, wear-resistant anti-corrosion anti-scratch;
7: food-grade silicone strap, and baby nipples as safe non-toxic, anti-static, dust, sweat;
8: professional chip MTK2503 , fast, sensitive operation, low power consumption, longer standby.



CPU: MTK2503,

Display: 1.54 inch IPS Colorful display Touch Screen

Language: English French Persian Arabic Espanol Portuguese Italiano Deutsch Dutch Turkey Russian thai polski

APP Support Language: Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese

Battery: 280mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery 3.7V

GPS + AGPS + base station + LSB multi-mode positioning,

Voice intercom, real-time monitoring, class disabled, Huawei batteries, long standby.

Real-time positioning, emergency, two-way call.


Packing list:

1 x Makibes V7K Smart Watch

1 x User Manual

1 x charger









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