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Multi Strength Reading glasses with LED glasses


R 156.06 
SKU: 77D52902EE784E7E85D77A81E918B665

Multi Strength Reading glasses with LED glasses Man Woman Unisex eyeglasses Spectacle Diopter Magnifier light up

Lenses Color:White
Lenses Material:Polycarbonate
Frame Material:Plastic

Color:whiteSize:14*13 cm
Product type:Reading Glasses

This glasses is a perfect solution for reading whenever you need.
It can be used as a normal glasses.
When you turn the LED on ,it can be a light drops.
The LED is positioned at the end of the arm,so it focasses the light on the point
you are reading and you don't need ro worry about distracting others.
Great to be use in car,in bed,on a aeroplane,camping or where light are too dark to reading.
You can easily renew the batteries if they turn out.
It is suitable for both men or women.
It is a great helper for you daily life.
Color: white
Size:14*13 cm (2 LED)

Package : 1pc

Product type: Reading Glasses

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